Signal Hill only covers 2.2 square miles with a population of about 11,00 people, and about half the population is registered to vote. However, usually less then 900 residence vote in Signal Hill elections. When reading these reports, you should keep in mind that a dozen or so votes ahead can be a strong lead with such a low voter turn out.

 For re-typed copies of the Election Documents obtained at City Hall, including the Resolution and Canvass documents for the 2007 election, Please link or log on at The document were typed in their entirety.    

Because of technical difficulties, all original documents obtained at City Hall can only be attach by Email, or by the FaceBook message link. You can contact us under our pin name “Billy Bob” on FB or by Email at or and we will send all the information as so as possible. Your Email address is strictly confidential and will be deleted immediately after wards. We have no interest in your Email address.

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